Steel Shoes Farrier Service LLC

We are looking forward to a great new year in 2021.

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  Now is the time to find a farrier with training and the skill to match.

Call to make your appointment today. I can put you on a regular six to eight week schedule.  206-697-1135                                                   

Licensed and Insured


  • $160.00 for full shoeing
  • $90.00 for half shoeing
  • $45.00 trim.

I have been working with horses since 2005 and horse shoeing since 2013. Currently I am taking on new clients in King County, Snohomish County, and part of Skagit County. I started Steel Shoes Farrier Services in 2016.

Fee may be adjusted depending on the travel distance.

Here are some happy customers and their owners too.

All horses need new shoes and a trim once in a while.

Facebook post from former customer.


Largest horse

Worked on the largest horse on my books as of today.


Trimmed the hoofs as if to shoe him, then traced them out on some wood to make hoof templates so I can make some shoes for him. Owners keeping him barefoot right now, but I get to shoe him next time. Shoe size RF 21, LF 21, RH 20 and LH 20.

Custom work

20160603_165833 (2)

These shoes are an example of my custom work.

Hind Three Quarter Fullered Straight bar with quarter clips.


Examples of my work.

Before and after

Custom shoes


I received a two year degree in the Farrier Program at Walla Walla Community College.

Member of the Farrier Association of Washington. (F.A.W.S.)

I have served a one year apprentice program at Palomino Professional Services Inc. in Coupeville, Washington.


I am located in the western Washington area.



I had the opportunity to compete in a horseshoe making contest against my peers. There were ten of us and I finished First Place. I’m pictured here with the judges.

Call to make an appointment phone 206-697-1135